Water Transfer Pumps For Sale - Dewatering Pumps At Wholesale Rates

Water Transfer Pumps  - High Flow

Water Transfer Pumps  (or known as dewatering pumps) are designed to transfer large volume of water around your property or on construction / building sites after flooding / site overflow or for irrigation. 

Our water transfer pumps ranges from 1 to 4 inches on both inlet and outles ports. These pumps are available in Petrol and Diesel driven engine. The engine is powerd with Thornado commercial grade quality materials and purpose-built components which ensure reliable and long term use. 

All our water transfer pumps come with 12 months warranty and are backed by a team of technicians with more than 40 years of experience in mechanics and engine-related fields in case you ever need support.

Purchase Water Transfer Pumps From Us

You should purchase water transfer pumps from us. As you already know, a water transfer pump is meant to transfer a large amount of water from one area to another. It is primarily used in construction sites where a vast volume of water is required at a specific position at one point in time. Once the work is completed, you must transfer it to another location where water is needed. It doesn't mean that you cannot go for a water transfer pump for sale meant for residential purposes. We at Thornado can provide you with a very safe hand as far as such pumps are concerned. 

  • We can provide you with diesel as well as petrol pumps. It means that you will have a variety on offer when you look for water transfer pumps for sale from us. A diesel pump is an option that's relatively easy to maintain. When you go for petrol pumps, you can have a product that can do its job for a long run of time. 
  • When you purchase pumps from us at Thornado, you're going to get significant discounts as well. This is why you don't have to look for water transfer pumps for sale at any other place. We have quality, offer and on top of that, we are one of the leading brands as far as water transfer pumps are concerned in Australia. 
  • They are meant for a lot of household tasks too. Now you wouldn't require water at only one place in your house. If you want to use substantial amounts of water at different niches such as the garden and pool area, water transfer pumps can prove to be a practical option. You can make an online purchase from us for the cause. 

Dewatering Pump And Its Uses

We can also supply dewatering pumps based on demand. Do you know the reason people need dewatering pumps in the first place? Let's have a look into it: 

  1. Best described as a centrifugal pump that can remove water easily. So, if you want a device to get rid of water anywhere in and around your house, you can buy dewatering pumps from us and make it happen. 
  2. It is mainly used in construction sites, and we have supplied it for industrial purposes a lot more often. But it is also required in tunnels and buildings where unwanted water needs to be removed. 
  3. Dewatering pumps need to be versatile enough to deal with dirty water. But how will one get there? A quality brand and product must be chosen for the purpose. You can reach out to us at Thornado, and we will serve you the best product and services.