Latest Chemical Transfer Pumps For Sale In Sydney 

The chemical industry is seeing a boom like never before. More companies are being set up across the country to fulfil the growing demand for chemicals and liquids in general. No wonder the demand for high-quality chemical transfer pumps has increased drastically in the past few years. These machines are nothing but a medium to transport harmful chemicals from one location to another. Besides, many distinct types of chemical transfer pumps are available in the market. 

Thornado is one supplier of liquid transfer pumps in Sydney and Australia. Since 2010, our company has done business with countless top-tier clients in various industries. So, you can bet your money on our quality services and products without having any doubts. 

Great Deals On Chemical Transfer Pumps

You no longer have to deal with products and services that don’t match your expectations. What’s the use of spending your company’s money on products that don’t fulfil its expectations whatsoever? That’s why you should buy products from Thornado, whether it’s a chemical transfer pump or industrial pipe fittings. We have everything under our banner, and everything’s available at a competitive price and doesn’t put much burden on your pockets.

That’s right! We understand that companies usually have tight budgets to work around. Thus, you will see significant discounts on Thornado’s products in Sydney. Below, you will see the chemical transfer pumps that we have in store for you! 

  • Petrol 2 Inch Chemical Transfer Poly Pump VITON Seals THORNADO 7HP
  • Petrol 3 Inch Chemical Transfer Poly Pump VITON Seals THORNADO 7HP
  • DIESEL 2 Inch Chemical Transfer Poly Pump 7HP THORNADO Key Start
  • DIESEL 3 Inch Chemical Transfer Poly Pump 7HP THORNADO Key Start

You can explore these special-purpose liquid transfer pumps in depth. We have provided all the details, product information and specifications on this page itself. Just click on the logo of one of the chemical transfer pumps, and you are all in! 

Thornado Makes All The Difference

Companies have different requirements when it comes to chemical transportation. Some companies want a liquid transfer pump for sulphuric acid or acetic acid, whereas others want a medium for sodium hypochlorite. Nevertheless, you will find chemical transfer pumps that cost-effectively fulfil these requirements.

  • Our pumps are durable and offer excellent corrosion resistance. 
  • Similarly, you will see abrasion resistance as well with these transfer pumps. 
  • Our chemical transfer pumps come with powerful stroke engines designed for excellent liquid transfer at low-fuel consumption. 
  • You will also see a full frame on the outside of these pumps for protection against heavy-duty usage. 
  • More importantly, these chemical transportation systems in Sydney come with a 12-month warranty! 

Are you interested in what we have to offer here at Thornado? Then make sure to contact our team as soon as possible. We would love to help you in every regard possible! 

Why Choose Our Services In Sydney? 

It’s not like there’s any shortage of chemical transfer pump suppliers in Sydney. There are lots of them in and around the city. However, you won’t find the quality of services and products that you get with Thornado anywhere else! Do you want to know why? Take a look down below! 

  • We have a decade's experience in this field. 
  • Our technicians have 40+ years of experience in their respective fields. 
  • Every product available at Thornado is ISO: 9001:2000 accredited
  • Our shipping is warp speed as we ship our products within 24 hours of your payment confirmation.

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