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Thornado offers a wide variety of agricultural tools and outdoor appliances used for different applications at a reasonable price with high quality to suffice the needs of the consumers. 

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A Bit about Gate Valve 

Gate valves are a type of valve widely used in many different pipeline systems to secure and shut off the flow of the medium. Gate valves are not appropriate for controlling the flow of the medium; however, they can evaluate the amount of flow as per the height of the sanitary valve stem. The gate valve is more versatile and has a broader range of pressure, temperature, and calibre applications compared to other valves.

Benefits of using gate valve offered by Thornado 

Gate valves are generally employed to control fluids by beginning and controlling the medium. They only deliver minimal flow regulation, so they are suited to execute a spectrum of industrial functions efficiently.

The gate valve offered by Thornado has low fluid resistance. The gate valve's structural formation is straight, which doesn't alter the flow of the fluid irrespective of the direction. Compared to other valves, these have low resistance and offer maximum benefits. 

These gate valves offer an enhanced and refined sealing performance. Once the valves are shut off, there won't be any unnecessary fluid leakage. 

Such valves have a wide range of applications and can versatilely suit various requirements. One can use them for the circulation of liquids and different materials like steam and oil. The material and structure function well irrespective of the medium, and hence various industries have been employing these valves for their use. In addition, one can use these gate valves for mediums containing granular solids with high viscosity. Further, it can also be utilised as a venting valve and a low vacuum system valve.

Another advantage that attracts many consumers towards the gate valves available at Thornado is bidirectional. Gate valves have double-flow directions. They're not restricted to one-way flow, nor are they limited to the flow directions of the medium. Hence, gate valves are appropriate and valuable in pipelines where the flow direction may revise. Plus, they are more convenient to install than other more refined types of valves.

We at Thornado offer brass gate valves, Knife gate valves that can be used in versatile ways. Each valve is approved and certified for industrial use. You get to select several alternatives according to your requirements, enabling consumers to get the best possible option for their requirements. The price ranges from $8.28 and goes up according to the size of the valve. 

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