Things To Know About Foot Valve

If you want to have a one-way flow of fluids, the type of check valve you use is called a foot valve. You would generally need to extract a one-way flow when extracting water from an underground well. You can buy a foot valve for the water pump from our website. That being said, have a look at some of the things that you need to know about it: 

  • A foot valve is used to keep the pump primed. It means that it allows the fluid to flow in but doesn't let it flow out at the same point in time. This is precisely what you would need for your pools or wells. If you haven't reached out to the correct supplier in Australia, you should purchase from our website. 
  • It's located at the bottom of the well or the pool. When the water is supposed to be extracted from underground, it is essential to identify the foot valve at the pool's deep end or well. 
  • When you are supposed to operate the valve, a suction needs to be created. The idea is to suck the water up through the pipe. The water is going to flow upwards, and the foot valve will open up. 
  • Shutting it off would mean that the pressure stops immediately. You would expect the water in the pipe to move downward. The foot valve doesn't let it happen, and the water remains in the pipeline until it is turned back on. 
  • Foot valves are also meant to prevent any damage to water pumps. There are times when pumps are not used for an extended period, and the dry run can take an overall toll on the pump. If you want to stop energy wastage with your water pump, a foot valve needs to be installed. 

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Why Choose Us? 

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