Looking for check valves? Thornado is the solution!

Thornado was established in the year 2010 to offer grade-level products approved on the industry standards at an affordable price to various industries. 

We have many products suitable for industrial use, from gate valves, Knife gate valves to check valves. Every valve is formed with standard metal that would last for years. The products that we offer are favoured by many in the industry, which has enabled us to get recognised locally as dealers of reliable products. We wish to provide our clients with customised products to meet their needs. 

If you are looking for a check valve, Thornado offers a large variety, and you can select the ones that suit your requirement. 

Types of Check Valves 

Commonly, there are two types of check valves. Both are offered at Thornado, and you can select according to your requirement. Under the category of check valves, you can get swing check valves or spring check valves according to your requirement. Both are made of brass, a material that suits a variety of materials, be it liquid or gas. You can select different valves of different sizes to get the best solution for your requirement. 

Swing Check Valve

Swing check valves have numerous uses, from sewage methods and wastewater treatment to firefighting, energy plants, and household articles. One of the most typically known examples of this valve type is the swing check valve that permits water to enter a lavatory's tank while barring the reverse flow.

A swing check valve is a simple instrument designed for the one-way flow of a fluid or gas. It has a disc pivot on a hinge, opening to allow fluid to flow in, then sealed to prevent backflow. Swing check valves are designed with diverse elements to suit distinct application types. 

Spring Check Valve 

Spring check valves generally have concave bodies and a large stopper, which requires constant spring pressure. When gas or fluid streams forward at adequately high strain, the force will overcome the spring's stress and lead the stopper to open, permitting the desired flow.

Unlike swing check valves, spring check valves offer reasonably low noise levels. They also miscalculate the sound and adverse effects of water hammers. This style of valve functions well in upright applications, as it utilises a spring to close the valve rather than depending on gravity and pressure.

Applications of Swing Check Valves 

Swing check valves are preferred since they function well with a variety of mediums from liquids to gases. Hence one can use them in different fields where different materials are handled. Such swing check valves collaborate well with firefighting tools, flood precluding in sewage systems and regular toilet flush components. 

Uses of Spring Check Valves

Spring check valves are ideal for multiple objectives in water pipelines and systems. This type of valve helps protect gear from the damage caused by backflow, thus lowering the risk of system downtime and potential contamination. Besides, spring check valves can relieve pressure from the plan to assemble a safer atmosphere and ensure proper system function.

If you're looking for check valves, we at Thornado will offer you a variety according to your requirements. Visit our website @https://www.thornado.com.au/ to know more.