Get the Best Stainless-Steel Ball Valves in Australia

The ball valves have become an important part of the plumbing industry nowadays and provide the most effective and practical solutions to your problems. The use of stainless-steel ball valves has increased in recent years due to the numerous benefits offered by it. If you are into handling a lot of plumbing projects, then you need to have the finest quality material with you to fulfil your needs. You need to be in connection with a company that offers multiple options to you.

Thornado is always ready to serve you with your plumbing requirements. We deal in a range of valves and fittings like ball valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves, and much more. Our products are durable and made from the finest quality materials. We ensure the use of good products and follow all the standard safety norms as set by the authorities. 

The stainless-steel ball valves, however, should not be used in brass or galvanized system. This is because it would lead to the mixing of dissimilar metals and such conditions should be avoided as much as possible.

What benefits are offered by stainless steel ball valves?

  • Corrosion-resistant 

Stainless steel is counted among materials that offer maximum corrosion when subjected to water or plumbing projects. When looking for a good quality valve, this is the first feature that you should look up to. This is because the primary function of valves is to get closed and open for the regulation of the flow of water and they get corroded, the material will not last long and your investment will be wasted. The corrosion can make the ball valve break or become static.

  • More holding powers

Since our valves are corrosion-free, they have a long life and stay durable. In the case of high-water pressure conditions, the stainless-steel ball valves will be able to hold up much better. They can react better to harsh water types. This feature connects to the quality of being corrosion resistant. The material is made corrosion-free using a Stainless 316-grade containing molybdenum that is responsible for increasing the corrosion resistance. Moreover, you can also try to build your entire system with stainless steel to ensure efficient functioning.

  • Ability to handle the pressure

The commercial or industrial water applications require valves that can handle high pressure. The flow of water in industries is often high and if the valve is not strong enough, it will lead to the collapse of an entire system. Therefore, the use of stainless-steel ball valves becomes the perfect choice for you.

  • Wide range of application

The main reason why the ball valves have gained so much popularity is that they find their use in various sectors. Our services are not just limited to residential areas but rather extend to the industrial and commercial sectors. The use of these valves in conventional plumbing has also increased due to the rise of No-Lead Brass pricing.

  • Less price

Another very prominent reason why stainless is considered better to use is because of its low prices. When No-Lead laws were passed, a significant rise in popularity of No-Lead Brass was witnessed. However, the difference between the costs of No-Lead brass and leaded brass was substantial. Therefore, people moved to using stainless instead of opting for the other two. 

Merits Of A PVC Ball Valve 

As you would know, a valve is used to direct or control the flow of a fluid. Using a PVC Ball Valve can provide you with different benefits as PVC material will have other uses. We at Thornado can offer you valves with PVC material, irrespective of having a 3-way ball valve or a 55mm ball valve. Let's take a look at its advantages: 

  1. When you buy a 55mm or 25mm ball valve from us, which consists of PVC material, it has excellent strength. 
  2. The design of a PVC Ball Valve is robust, along with a fine finish. Overall, this valve will make sure that it looks excellent in the area where it has been installed. 
  3. The applications of PVC material are varied. From water treatment to chemical labs, you can use it in various applications. 
  4. It is best for any water supply. So, if you need a valve for bathroom or kitchen pipe fitting, you can always consider the PVC Ball Valve. 

If you want to get the best PVC ball valve for your place, you should consider our company and brand. We have been working in this sector for more than ten years, and we have made sure that the best quality of valves is provided to our customers.

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