All You Need to Know About Storz Couplings

Storz Coupling is a type of hose coupling that was designed in the year 1882. The Storz coupling facilitation connection with the use of interlocking hooks and flanges. These are a perfect solution to accompany your fire hose. It aids in a high-quality attachment. However, selecting a premium quality coupling is important for your fire application setup. You need to be in touch with the best Storz coupling suppliers.

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Some key features of Storz Coupling for fire applications are listed below

  • The storz coupling offers efficient hose connection by attaching both end of the storz and locked with a quarter turn. 
  • The Storz Coupling offers watertight seal. It should be made of good quality material so that it can prevent leaks and stay good in the long run.
  • The functionality of Storz couplings should provide ease to you. They should be quick to get attached, locked, and then released. It quickens the process.
  • The couplings should be strong enough to handle the pressure both inside and out. 
  • The storz coupling for fire application should be made by forging method. 

How are Storz Couplings designed?

The manufacture of Storz Couplings involves three main features attached to it. 

  • Type of material 

The Storz couplings are generally made of metal. The material used in their manufacture can be stainless steel, brass, or aluminium. However, while purchasing them, you need to keep in mind which one of the three will be best to use. We recommend using the aluminium Storz couplings because they are resistant to corrosion.

  • Construction

The couplings are made using the cast metal when their application is meant to be found in low-pressure zones. The places where water flows at a low-pressure use such couplings. But in the case of high-pressure water applications, the Storz couplings are made from forged metal. This is done to enhance the toughness and make it suitable for enduring excess pressure.

  • Internal designing

There are two lug nuts present inside the Storz couplings. Within the connecting head are two additional lug nuts and both the pairs are interconnected when twisted together. Made from nitrile rubber, a flange is presented inside the head of the coupling. The flange acts as a watertight seal when the coupling is subjected to high pressure.

Advantages of using Storz Couplings

  • Flexibility 

Due to their flexible design, one coupling can be fitted or inserted inside another coupling of the same diameter. Forming a connection between the two is easy. You don’t need to look for the right gender in this case.

  • Easy to use

The modern Storz couplings are quite easy to be used and have reduced the human effort to a minimum. They facilitate full closing and opening with the help of a quarter turn only. You don’t need to keep on opening it with several turns as observed in the case of screw thread coupling. This is one of the major benefits of Storz coupling because this opening and closing pattern makes it easy to be used in even low visibility conditions. Moreover, it also saves you time.

Why should you rely on us?

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