High-Quality Tapping Saddle For Sale In Australia 

Looking to get your hands on tapping saddles and other rural compression fittings in Sydney? Then coming to Thornado’s website was the right call. We have everything one needs for their piping system. Our name ranks pretty high in the market when it comes to fittings for liquid transportation systems. Be it compression fittings, hose clamps or the standard valves for your piping infrastructure, you can rely on Thornado and its services! 

Plasson is a household name in the world of pipe fittings, especially in Australia. Their pipe fittings are of supreme quality and the prices are reasonable as well. Thornado supplies rural compression fittings from Plasson in Sydney and across the country. 

You can buy tapping saddles, rural elbow and various other fittings at wholesale price. Thornado assures you of quick delivery and a year-long warranty for its products1 

Thornado - Your Reliable Supplier For Pipe Fittings 

Did you know that tapping saddles are also known as service saddles? That’s right! Its primary use is to act as an outlet on a piping system. Plasson tapping saddles are designed for all kinds of Polyethylene Pipes (PE Pipes). Over the years, we have supplied these pipe fittings for mining, plumbing, gas installation, industrial fluid transportation, construction sites, etc. This device is truly an exceptional product that helps a lot of industries out there. 

So, if you need tapping saddles in Sydney, you should see our rural compression fittings catalogue. You will find different size variants and model types for almost all the essential pipe fittings on this page. There’s nothing better than Plasson when it comes to poly pipe jointing. 

  • Plasson Polypropylene 90' Rural Elbow
  • Plasson Polypropylene 90' Rural Elbow x Female BSP Offtake
  • Plasson Polypropylene 90' Rural Elbow x Male BSP Offtake
  • Plasson Polypropylene Rural End Plug
  • Plasson Polypropylene Rural x Female BSP Adaptor
  • Plasson Polypropylene Rural Coupling
  • Plasson Tapping Saddle for Rural & Metric with Galv Bolts

You will find all the specifications and variants for the above-mentioned products on this page itself. However, if you need further assistance in regard to tapping saddle and other pipe fittings, you can call us directly! 

Make The Right Call, Buy Our Premium-Quality Products! 

With so many options in front of you, it becomes difficult to pick the ideal supplier for your poly pipe jointing requirements. Every company wants to invest in pipe fittings that are reliable, top-quality and long-lasting as well. At Thornado, we have such products available for sale in Sydney. 

Our tapping saddle from Plasson has the following features and characteristics - 

  • Its body is purely made of Polypropylene which is a high-grade copolymer. 
  • You will find many configurations for our tapping saddle fittings. 
  • These fittings provide instant sealing and require no special tools for their installation. 
  • With slight adjustments, you can easily use these fittings for piping systems that are not made of Polypropylene.
  • More importantly, these rural compression fittings comply with all the Australian standards! 

Looking for more information on these products? Give us a call right now! Thornado will be more than happy to clear all of your doubts. 


Tough Australian conditions means you need a name you can rely on for your pipe fittings. Plasson fittings have proved to be the most reliable connections systems for poly pipelines in Australian conditions for over 40 years.

Conditions are never perfect, so Plasson's unique design features ensure that joints can be made and reused, even in the most demanding installation environments. 

When you need the best and most reliable poly pipe jointing, use Plasson.