Stainless Steel Hose Clamps Supplier In Sydney - Pipe Fittings Wholesaler 

Whenever you hear fluid transportation systems, you will surely see the word hose clamps popping up in the conversion. It’s an integral part of any piping system that delivers liquid or gases from one location to another using water hoses. You will see people using this device in car engines, bathroom fittings and even industrial fluid transportation. No wonder the demand for stainless steel hose clamps has skyrocketed in the past decade or so. It helps you prevent any leak in your hose or pipes and ultimately saves you many troubles down the line. 

So, is your company looking for A-grade hose clamps in Sydney? If that's the case, you have arrived at the right place as Thornado has everything you need at wholesale prices! So, visit our store or browse our website to learn more about stainless steel hose clamps. 

We can supply you with heavy-duty hose clamps, t bolt clamps, double bolt clamps at wholesale rates. So, what's the harm in paying a visit to the Thornado store in Sydney? 

Leading Supplier Of Pipe Fittings & Hose Clamps 

It’s not always easy to find a reliable pipe fittings supplier for various industries and businesses in Sydney. But luckily, you are at the website of Thornado, one of the leading suppliers of stainless-steel hose clamps in the market. Since 2010, we have supplied all kinds of pipe fittings to countless clients in Sydney. So, you can trust our name when it comes to buying heavy duty hose clamps or T bolt clamps in Australia. 

Here are the products that Thornado has in its inventory as of today - 

  • Double Bolt Minquip Claw Clamp Plated Steel for Type A and S Coupling
  • Preformed J Series Clamp Smooth ID Width Stainless Steel 201
  • Bore Pipe Hose Clamp Stainless Steel 304 to Suit FLEXIBORE 100
  • Bore Pipe Hose Clamp Sets Stainless Steel 304 to Suit FLEXIBORE 250
  • Heavy Duty T-Bolt SUPER CLAMP Mild Steel chrome Hose clamp
  • Heavy Duty T-Bolt SUPER CLAMP Stainless Steel chrome Hose clamp
  • SPIRAL CLAMPS RIGHT HAND (Clockwise) Wound

You can explore all the options in these stainless-steel hose clamps on our website. Thornado provides full details on every single product listed over here. So, you can buy products that best suit your purpose and requirements! 

Call our experts today if you want to know more about these pipe fittings. Thornado is more than happy to clear all of your doubts, including the cost of these hose clamps! 

Why Buy Hose Clamps From Thornado? 

Truth be told, there are many suppliers in and around Sydney where you can go for stainless steel hose clamps. Having said that, you won’t find a better service provider than Thornado anywhere else. We have everything that makes us the premier choice of companies all around Sydney. 

  • Thornado is an Australia-owned company, established back in 2010. 
  • Our technicians have 40+ years of experience in mechanic and engine-related fields. 
  • Every sole product in our inventory is 9001:2000 quality tested! 
  • Our team will dispatch your T bolt clamps and heavy-duty hose clamps within 24 hours of payment confirmation. 
  • Get a 30-day money-back guarantee to claim a refund in certain conditions. 
  • Thornado provides a 12-month warranty for every product available on its website! 

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