For Convenient Pumping and Irrigation in Brisbane, Sydney or the Gold Coast, Choose a Thornado Petro

One of the biggest challenges facing agricultural operations is the variability of the weather from year to year. The onset of a drought and the ensuing lack of rainfall makes many farms highly dependent on reliable irrigation systems. Even when you only need to transport water a short distance from a reservoir on your property, you will need something to drive that water forward. Gravity simply can't do the work you need, especially not when there is a vast area to irrigate. It's crucial to find and purchase a reliable petrol water pump for your Gold Coast agricultural needs. The right pump will make transporting water around your property simple and easy.

With several models all based on extremely reliable and durable Honda predecessors, Thornado pumps are ideal for both light and heavy applications. Whether you are pumping for irrigation or pumping water at a construction site, these units will serve your needs well. We back up every petrol water pump sold in Brisbane with a full and complete warranty. Beyond these basic facts, however, lies the true appeal of these excellent products. Consider for a moment the following reasons why a Thornado petrol water pump will fit right in with your operation.

Three reasons to choose us for a petrol water pump in Sydney

  1. Pumps for any job. From a high-pressure firefighting petrol water pump to a 1.5-inch water transfer pump, the Thornado product range is suitable for emergency and regular usage capacities. All units feature the same quality-controlled and highly engineered construction for long term use. The rugged 4-stroke engines powering these pumps keep performing even in the harshest conditions.
  2. Our petrol water pumps include desirable features such as the ability to self-prime. Several of our petrol powered water pumps sold in Sydney are self-priming. In fact, enabling them to start and reach operational capacity even with air inside the pump chamber. This ability equates to faster starts and more consistent performance over the long term. When combined with the all-metal interior construction, these machines are built to last.
  3. Lightweight portability. One of the best parts of using a Thornado pump is the ability to transport it easily for use in different locations. When the needs of your job shift, your pump can move with them. No need to tear down and rebuild a pump in another location. Simply load it up and move.

Find the perfect equipment today

With the combination of those three factors, a Thornado petrol water pump for your Sydney site is an excellent choice. Each petrol water pump comes with a one-year peace of mind warranty period against defects, in addition to Thornado's standard 30-day cash back satisfaction guarantee. Whether your needs are basic or more heavy duty, a petrol water pump from Thornado will accomplish the task. Fast shipment is a hallmark of our service; we understand that there is often an urgent need for equipment on site. Despatch of your items occurs within 24 hours of your payment clearing. Questions about the technical side of the Thornado water pump? Visit our contact page to get in touch today.