Why Households Should Have Petrol Generators in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Have you ever been left without power in your home for extended periods of time? Occasionally, circumstances may knock out power in your neighbourhood leaving you with no means of heating or cooling your home, powering your refrigerator, and without light. Having a backup generator on hand has value especially for those without electricity in times of need. Thornado has a range of petrol generators for Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast homeowners. With models ranging from 3,000 to 5,500 watts, Thornado gives customers good reason to purchase a generator. Owning one should be a given for residents of Sydney, Brisbane, and the rest of the country.

Backup Power for a Small Business

Any business that cannot afford to go a few hours without electricity is a candidate for a Thornado petrol generator. Think about a business that provides Internet-based services as an example. A power outage means no devices, no Internet connection, and the loss of valuable business. With a Thornado backup generator, power continues and business continues as usual. Numerous other companies benefit from Thornado petrol generators including those in the food and beverage industry and those that provide medical care.

Petrol Generators for Brisbane Work Site Contractors

Contractors that work on sites without available power need a portable source to operate their tools. Roofers, for example, need a source of energy for their nail guns that use an air compressor. Painters using spray gun systems need the power to complete their work. Other contractors may simply need light to illuminate their work areas. A portable petrol generator from Thornado is robust, reliable, and gets the job done.

Safety for Those in Severe Conditions

There are those who live in areas where the climate may dictate the need for petrol generators. In extreme cold or extreme heat, a power failure can be deadly especially for those among our ageing population. When the power goes out because of severe weather, having a Thornado petrol generator on hand can provide heat or run an air conditioning system when it is brutally hot. Our generators are easy to use, and customers can choose electric key start on some of our models.

Why Buy Thornado Petrol Generators for Your Gold Coast Home

Our petrol generators are powerful. From the 3,000 watt model up to the 5,500-watt version, Thornado generators work efficiently all day long providing you with the power you need. Our machines are reliable and hassle free. They protect themselves with an oil alarm system designed to prevent the engine from becoming damaged. The engine shuts off when the oil level gets too low. You can count on our generators for their high capacity too. Contractors can run multiple power tools. Homeowners can run a computer and other household devices at the same time and with an ample fuel tank, our generators can go for 10 to 11 hours before needing to be refuelled.

To protect yourself and your family, consider the best petrol generators on the market. Call Thornado and speak to one of our highly experienced technicians to discuss your needs. Contact us on 02 9755 0889 or send us an email to sales@thornado.net.au.