Keep Your Equipment Running with a New Petrol Engine from Thornado, Shipping to Gold Coast, Sydney a

It's an unfortunate fact of life that things wear out and break down; the machinery that drives our lives is often the focus of intensive repairs. In building and agricultural settings, having a reliable and ready source of energy and mechanical power is essential for many tasks. From pumping water to powering air compressors, small engines are the force behind a great deal of critical activity. When they break down beyond conventional repair, though, what are you going to do? It's important to know how and where you can purchase a reliable replacement petrol engine in Sydney. Thornado has developed a time-tested Honda motor and packaged it into an affordable and excellent replacement, perfect for use in the Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

Don't get stuck dealing with frustrating downtime on the job site because of a dead engine. Replacing the equipment as quickly as possible is essential. The convenience offered by Thornado's online shopping experience, plus the varied selection in petrol engines, makes us the ideal choice. If you are not certain which engine would be suitable for your purposes, please call a member of our team. We have a customer care team backed up by over four decades of industry experience. When you need help, we have what you need.

A reliable and durable petrol engine for Gold Coast applications

From 6.5 horsepower all the way up to 16 horsepower, these horizontal shaft engines are well suited to a variety of uses. For example, do you have a generator with a blown petrol engine? Gold Coast construction firms can get their power back in no time with one of these Honda-based units. Broken water pumps and pressure washers are easy repairs when brought back to life with a new Thornado engine. The 12-month warranty enables you to purchase with confidence that the unit you receive will function as described.

Both the crank and camshafts in a Thornado petrol engine feature an all-steel construction. This durability is in contrast to more generic quality engines which use iron and nylon instead, respectively. This build quality enables smooth operation with minimal excess vibration. This quality all adds up to longer lasting parts and, therefore, better reliability. In other words, you can return to operational capacity without fearing new repairs on the horizon. Thornado engines undergo stringent quality control processes and meet all relevant standards. We've used our experience to develop and deploy a superior product while building trust in our brand.

Contact our experienced team with any enquiries about our equipment

When you experience a breakdown in a critical petrol engine at your Brisbane job site, don't allow it to put you behind schedule. Instead, turn to the proven quality of a Thornado engine and get your equipment back up and running again quickly. No matter the application you intend to use these small engines for, you will find their power and long-term reliability to be excellent. In combination with our warranty and guarantee policies, Thornado delivers a truly worry-free shopping experience. Browse our product selection here on our website now, or navigate to our contact page if you have questions.