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Your Number One Supplier Of IBC Tank Fittings 

Every expert believes that getting the right fittings for your industrial grade containers is essential. You can’t just pick any product from the market, hoping that it would do the trick. These intermediate bulk container tanks are designed to store, regulate, and transport liquid, mostly drinking water. However, in many cases, you will see these IBC tanks being used for various other purposes. Nevertheless, you should always buy IBC tank fittings from a reliable supplier like Thornado! 

Thornado has been supplying pipe fittings, generators, water pumps and other solutions in Sydney since 2010. Over these years, we have learned and mastered all there is to know about pipe fittings for various industries across the spectrum. So next time you want pipe fittings or IBC tank fittings for any kind of purpose, you can pay a visit to our store. Besides, you can also buy our products and services from the Thornado website! 

Buy Our IBC Tank Adaptors 

No one can dispute the importance of adaptors and coupling parts in an intermediate bulk container. Without these in place, you cannot expect a smooth sailing of your IBC tank in the first place. That’s why you should get these whenever you need them from Thornado! 

  • IBC S60X6 Female X 40MM (1.5 inch) Camlock Type A Adaptor Poly Propylene
  • IBC S60X6 Female X 50MM (2 inch) Camlock Type A Adaptor Poly Propylene
  • IBC S60X6 Female X 40MM (1.5 inch) Female BSP Adaptor Poly Propylene
  • IBC S60X6 Female X 50MM (2 inch) Female BSP Adaptor Poly Propylene

These adaptors are primarily made by moulding glass-reinforced polypropylene and are easily integrated with BSP standards! If you want to know more things about these IBC tank fittings, you can talk to the experts at Thornado! We will be happy to tell you about their specifications, applications, prices, etc.

Why Come To Thornado? 

There are many stores in Sydney that supply IBC tank fittings and other products to various companies. But you won’t find the quality of customer service that you are bound to receive at Thornado. Thornado is in a league of its own when it comes to fulfilling the needs and requirements of its clients. Therefore, you shall get the full worth of your money when you invest at Thornado! 

  • We will dispatch your products within 24 hours of your payment getting cleared.
  • Our pipe fittings products are backed by 12 months warranty, including IBC tank fittings.
  • You can claim a refund under our 30-day money-back guarantee! 
  • Thornado only supplies products that are certified under ISO: 9001:2000! 

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