Material handling hose for sale at Thornado

The construction sector mostly involves the transfer of huge amounts of heavy materials. These bulk materials are in the form of granules, or grains of numerous substances. To carry out the transportation of these materials using manpower can be troublesome. Thus, material handling hoses can always be a great choice for this purpose. Thornado offers you with excellent quality material handling hose for sale to satisfy fulfil all your requirements.

To meet up the specifications, these hoses are manufactured with scrap resistant stuff. The durability is assured as the material hose is constructed of highly resistant rubber compound, PVC plastic, or even with flat plates of ceramic that is put together with natural rubber.

Where is the material handling hose used?

Material handling hose is the prominent choice for the transfer of materials in the form of granules, grains, or even in a controlled form. The wide range of industrial uses of the material handling hose is stated as below:

  • Sand Blasting

To smoothen the rough surface, a thick blast of sand is applied on the surface. The hard blast of the sand generates friction on the applied surface. The force is so high, that as a result, you get a smooth surface as per your requirements. To apply this forcible intrusion of the sand, a material handling hose becomes a basic necessity. These hoses are coupled with specialised nozzles made from iron, aluminium, or nylon.

  • Shot blasting

It is a surface treatment which is used to cleanse the surface of the required area. Although, the basic mechanism stays the same as that of sandblasting. To clean the surface, and apply a shining finish, steel shot or dry ice are the commonly used materials in shot blasting. The high-pressure application of steel granules makes the surface smooth, clean, and shiny, giving it an appealing look.

  • Dredging Operations

The removal of sediments from the surface of the water requires a high-pressure treatment. This high pressure can be applied using a material handling hose. These hoses suck up the unnecessary dredge soil from the surface. This suction up dredge is then transferred to the dumpsite. These dumped dredges can be reused in gravel, and sand pits without any wastage. The variations in sizes of material handling hoses at Thornado makes it all possible with ease. 

Benefits of Using Material handling hose

The highly abrasive resistance capacity of the material handling hose is an excellent choice to fulfil all your needs. The distinctive benefits of using a material handling hose multiply its value:

  1. The complete coverage of the flow of the products is assured with the material hose. No air gaps are generated while using these hoses and provide you with a great work experience.
  2. This type of hose does not include any built-in nipples or extra outlets. This decreases the chances of the withering of the hose, giving it a long-lasting life. 
  3. The materials from which these are made are highly preventive to scratches, and injuries. This enhances the lifespan of the hose to a great extent. 
  4. Being an alternative to steel piping these are highly flexible. The distinct directional movements can be made, assuring no damage to the operating system or hose. Directional movements ease your work to a concise level.
  5.  On-site cutting and resizing of the material handling hose are possible. There is no need to attach or weld it with the existing system. This reduces the extra efforts that are required while using steel, or aluminium alternatives of handling hoses.
  6. The shocks applied by the machinery can be absorbed by the material handling hose. This diminishes the chances of wearing out of the machinery. The protection is provided to machinery ensuring its safe use for a long time.

Thornado has a broad spectrum of material handling hose available for you. The accessibility to numerous sizes of hoses can be bought at our website. All products come with a guarantee giving you the complete value for money. Contact us today to buy the best quality material handling hose at affordable prices.