Fire Hoses

Use the Best & High-Quality Life Saving Equipment – Fire Fighting Hoses from Thornado

If you are worried to protect your family and property, you can bank upon our Fire hose. Thornado is the authorized distributor for the world renowned brand such as Sabre, Rapier, Tipsa, selling high quality firefighter hose and its related life-saving equipment on time. We sell the perfect fire hose that can bring a life and death difference for the people whose lives are at risk. Thornado is the finest Fire hose supplier in the country. We have the top-notch quality and high-pressure hoses that are used to carry water or other essential fire retardants to the accident site to extinguish the fire. 

We ensure the use of high-quality raw materials to manufacture our firefighter hose to give long life and effect working of the hoses. We sell Fire Fighting hoses and nozzles which are widely used by the fire safety units either in buildings or public areas or even in fire stations. 

What are the classifications of Fire Hoses?

There are three different sorts of firefighting hose.

  1. Delivery Hose: The delivery hose is connected to the discharge port of the pump. It is more subjected to the pressure that is greater than the atmospheric pressure. The Delivery firefighting hoses and nozzles are available in different types like percolating, unlined, or canvas hose that is generally made up of vegetable fibres. Non-percolating hose made up of plastic materials. A controlled percolating hose consists of a jacket woven that is made up of vegetable fibres and has a rubber or a plastic lining.
  2. Suction Hose: The Suction hose is connected to the suction side of the pump. These are placed either above or below the atmospheric pressure. These are either partially embedded or smooth bore that are completely embedded.
  3. Hose Reel Hose: Hose Reel hose is a kind firefighter hose which is made up of reinforced rubber and fitted with a swivelling joint bound. 

What is the Quality of Fire Hose available at Thornado?

Every firefighting hoses and nozzles that are available at Thornado is taken through various tests and a variety of inspections at every stage of manufacturing. Some of the tests include visual inspections, the ozone resistance test, test for accelerated aging, the adhesion test that is required to check the bond between the inner jacket and the liner, test to determine the amount of hose twist it will be under pressure, and the dimensional checks.

Fire hose available for sale at Thornado includes:

  • Rubber firefighting lay flat hose
  • Non-percolating firefighting lay flat hose
  • Professional Layflat fire brigade’s firefighter hose
  • Heavy Duty PVC Fire Fighting lay flat hose
  • Percolating Fire Fighting Layflat hose

These Fire hose for sale are exceptionally durable and have alternative uses as well.

Thornado, being one of the leading firefighting hose suppliers, brings to you reliable, lightweight, and flexible fire hoses. These are specially made up of circularly woven 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn. The Fire hose for sale at Thornado has gained international recognition certificates. We deliver the fire hoses fast and accurately. Book your fire hose now and get it delivered. Contact us today!!