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Thornado has been manufacturing and supplying top quality industrial hoses since 2013. Thornado believes in the importance of offering an excellent service to all its customers along with continuous new product research and development. All our products are manufactured keeping in mind the safety of our customers. 

There are variety of industrial hoses to suit different application such as mechanical, industrial, private and commercial use. Thus, it is important to understand what type of hose you need to make an informed decision in choosing the correct hose suitable for your application. 

Hose Construction

Industrial hoses are generally made of materials including PVC, polyurethane, and rubber with added reinforcement from a high tensile textile cord, PVC helix to high tensile steel wire braid. These construction matrixes resulting in hoses with different pressure ratings, flexibility, chemical resistance, operation temperature and application.

Suction Hose

A suction hose is a rigid type of hose that works under negative pressure operation. These hoses are built to withstand vacuum, rather than water pressure, abrasion, and heat. They are therefore constructed differently from the delivery hoses. Our range of suction hoses includes PVC grey hose, Air seeder transparent hose, tiger tail hose, rubber contractor hose, etc.

Delivery Hose

The delivery hose works under positive pressure operation. This hose is subjected to pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. The delivery hose comes in two types, lay flat hose or rigid hose to suit different applications. This hose generally has a higher-pressure rating. Our range of delivery hoses includes PVC lay flat hoses, firefighting hoses, compressed air hoses, rubber suction and delivery hose, etc.

Types of Industrial hoses

Some of the most common types of industrial hoses that you might encounter, include

  • Air hose - Air hoses are commonly used in compressors, jackhammers, air brakes, pneumatic tools. The working pressure of this hose is generally 20 bar (300 PSI). Air hoses are often constructed from PVC or synthetic rubber with added layers of high tensile textile reinforcement.
  • Agriculture - The common type of hose that is used in the Agricultural industry is the travel irrigator hose. Travel irrigator hose is a flexible lay flat hose constructed from polyurethane (TPU) or rubber ensures maximum abrasion and chemical resistance, while the warp and weft of high tenacity filament yarns give maximum strength. This strong internal fabric can withstand the high tensile load applied to the hose when it is dragged behind an irrigator.
  • Fire Fighting - Fire hose is a high-pressure hose that carries water or other fire retardant to a fire to extinguish it. Due to the nature of its application, fire hose requires special construction technique and material to enable it to work effectively under a very demanding situation.
  • Material handling hose – This hose is otherwise called the abrasive hose. This is basic for the following types of shipping or transportation of gas, fog, powder, molecules, fibre, rock, solid, compost and coal ash. Liquids containing strong particles of sand, cement and gypsum can also be transported by it.
  • Food and beverage – This hose is mainly used in the food and beverage industry to convey liquid such as juice, milk ,oils,honey, etc. The materials that are used in the tubing needs to meet government health and safety regulation and industry standards. This hose needs to be free from phthalates.

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Looking For Quality Industrial Hose Suppliers?

Hoses have an essential role in carrying fluids through the air or fluid environments. You might have seen its use in a garden used to water the plants. You can use different hoses such as air hose and air seeder hose to make sure that the fluid is transferred with a controlled flow. To get these hoses, you will have to come in contact with the best industrial hose suppliers around you. We want to tell you that we have got all the elements to be quality hose suppliers all over Australia. Some of the hoses that we provide to our clients are fire, lay flat, suction, air, travel irrigation, etc. As you can see, we have got a wide variety available. 

The good thing about taking services from industrial hose suppliers like us is that you get benefits for years to come. Our hoses generally have a life somewhere between five to ten years. The longevity of air seeder hoses depends mainly on the chosen material's quality. Other factors include the frequency of use and frequency of maintenance. If you select a quality industrial hose supplier like us, the services are bound to run smoothly for a couple more years. But when you choose to buy an air hose, you have to be sure about the length you expect and want. The determination of fittings will play an essential factor too. The material that you buy must be well suited for your application.