Diesel Generators

Avail sale on diesel generators

Australia’s biggest electrical asset sale is here. Thornado brings you quality diesel generators for sale. Power up your office, farms, job site, at the lowest price.  

Have you ever been knocked into darkness for a while? At that moment it strikes to get a backup option. Well, your opportunity is here. Thornado is delivering top diesel generators to give you proper electrical backups at a nominal price. 

With a continuously growing machinery market, it is pretty confusing to get hold of a good working machine. But give your doubts a rest with us. we are here to back you up. Select from a range of sizes, from 5kW to 2500kW, or opt for a portable diesel generator or a stationary unit, we have it all under one roof. We offer diesel generators at a wholesale price. 

Whether you want to buy a generator for small business or want to power up your home, no matter what is the purpose, big or small, get it backed up with our range of diesel generators for sale. All our generators can be adjusted to suit our client’s needs. We stock some of the best brands in Australia and get it delivered on time. 

Why opt for diesel generators?

Want an extra source of energy when outdoors or while working? Invest in quality diesel generators that are up for sale with Thornado. Since we have an array of different power units, one can easily choose a generator based on their requirements. 

  • Fuel efficient

As compared to the other forms of generators, diesel ones are the most efficient. Diesel generators consume less fuel thereby having greater longevity. Avail top-performing diesel generators for sale from Thornado. 

  • Cost-efficient

Diesel is much cheaper than petrol. This makes diesel generators pocket friendly. Along with being cheaper, these generators also show greater performing levels than gasoline or petrol generators. 

  • Low maintenance

Diesel generators do not come with spark plugs or carburettors. As a result, they can be easily maintained. Save time, energy, and most importantly money by getting the finest quality diesel generators from us at an attractive sale price. 

We at Thornado are always on the lookout to deliver only the best. We always surf the global market for sustainable and cost-efficient generators as energy back up. Protect your family or workers from the darkness. Get high performing diesel generators for sale. 

  • We know the local market

We prioritise our customers. With a decade of experience, we understand and consider your every requirement. Our experts will guide you in getting the best diesel generators at a discounted sale price. 

  • Rely on our engineers and technicians

All our experts have over 40 years of experience in the mechanical field. From understanding the application to promptly delivering top-notch diesel generators, Thornado will take responsibility for all. Trust us, and we are bound to stand up to your expectations.