The Many Uses of Diesel Engines in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast

Diesel engines are popular and very useful for many different applications. Homeowners and business owners in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast find these engines are ideal for powering pressure washers, air compressors, irrigation pumps, and many other devices. The No. 1 stop for diesel engines in Sydney is Thornado. Since 2010, we have continued to promote product quality in our power machinery and irrigation equipment. Thornado has a line of well-designed diesel engines perfect for your application.

Diesel Engines in Brisbane for Irrigation Purposes

A diesel engine from Thornado can be used to power an irrigation water. A sprinkler system, for example, can be run using one of our stationary diesel engines. If you have a garden, you can count on a Thornado diesel engine to power your irrigation system. Our diesel engines are reliable, durable, and very easy to use.

Power Your Pressure Washer

As a homeowner, there are many times when you need to use a pressure washer. You can use it to clean your concrete walkways. If you have a timber deck or patio, you can clean it every year with a pressure washer. Once clean, you can then apply a sealant to keep it protected. If your home has vinyl siding, it is easily cleaned using a pressure washer. With all of these uses, a reliable pressure washer is an excellent tool to have for a homeowner. A Thornado diesel engine provides a trustworthy power source.

Power for Air Compressors

Just like a pressure washer, an air compressor is an excellent addition to the typical home garage. It has many uses including power tools, inflating tyres, and more. A Thornado diesel engine is the perfect source of power for an air compressor. Our engines are durable, small in size, and lightweight, making them portable.

Why Choose Thornado Diesel Engines

First and foremost, when you purchase from Thornado you are buying outstanding quality. We stand behind all of our products including diesel engines for Gold Coast customers with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. We manufacture our products to the highest quality standards in the industry. The Thornado brand continues to gain international recognition for superior quality.

We also back the purchase of a Thornado diesel engine, petrol generator, or water by a team of technicians that has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our team of technicians and product specialists are highly trained and very knowledgeable. As a result, we can assist our customers and ensure they choose the best product to suit their needs.

Also, we ship items daily and within 24 hours of a client’s payment clearing. All of our deliveries are fast and accurate so that you can enjoy the power of Thornado with little delay. For more information or assistance with an individual product, call us directly and speak with a real customer assistant. Contact us on 02 9755 0889 or you can reach us by email at