Know About The Various Uses Of Valves

You will find all sorts of valves in the marketplace. When you reach out to us at Thornado, you can get a combination of materials such as pressure reducing valves, non-return valves, one-way valves, swing check valves etc. The valves' suitability will largely depend upon the materials used with the transported fluid and its mechanical design. Valves are meant to control the water flow in a pipe to make sure that it moves in one direction only. 

To start with, ball valves are used very frequently in Australia. In this, a metal ball is used for a hole bored through the centre, which is right in between two seats, to control the flow. This can be described as a pressure reducing valve and a one-way valve. Butterfly valves are used where space is limited and can best be described as a swing check valve. Foot valves can be used to extract water from under the ground. Overall, there are various kinds of valves, and Thornado will make sure that all of them are made available to you in the highest quality.

Advantages of Using Premium Quality Valves and Fittings

The valves and fittings are made up of a variety of materials and provide high-quality water flow solutions. Among all the materials, the most used material is brass. The use of top-quality elements is necessary to ensure their safe application in plumbing works. To get in touch with the best valves and fittings provider around you.

Thornado is here to assist you with all your plumbing issues and provide the best services. We deal in ball valves, check valves, foot valves, gate valves, and much more. We have all the accessories in stock with us to provide our clients with all the important materials when required. We have a variety of fittings and valves fit to suit your requirements.

What are the benefits of using good quality valves and fittings?

  • Resistance to temperature 

Our finest quality brass made valves and fittings are resistant to high temperature and do not get crumbled like others. These are effective and practical mediums in water flow solutions. It is highly ductile and works very efficiently in soaring temperatures. We aim to provide you with the strongest material for fulfilling your tasks.

  • Durable 

Our valves and fittings are exceptionally durable and provide effective and long-term solutions. Whenever you go for buying such accessories, your first prerequisite is that the material should be long and durable. Therefore, being in the industry for so many years, we only provide durable materials to our customers.

  • Resistance to corrosion

In terms of durability, this is another factor that kicks in. To promote the long life of valves and fittings, they are manufactured using the best quality metals and stocked in our store from trusted sources. The brass fittings do not corrode and work well in water delivery systems. This makes sure that they work for a long time and efficiently.

  • A wide range of designs

We have a lot of designs available in our store for various valves. Available in various shapes and sizes, these ensure that they can be applied and installed in different plumbing systems. If you deal in numerous plumbing projects, then we are the best choice for you since we offer the widest range of collections to our clients. You do not need to look somewhere else for different shapes and sizes. We provide an all-in-one solution to your problem.

  • Prevents Leakage

Offering the finest quality valves and fittings, we ensure that our products are properly tried and tested. The accessories are only brought when they have passed the strength and leakage tests. Our products are made using premium quality material and do not let your investment get wasted on us. They help in regulating the flow of water and prevent any kind of leakage if present.

Why should you rely on us?

We make sure that our products bring 100% satisfaction to our clients and work for a long time. We have many years of experience in this industry and are expanding continuously. We offer products that have a 12-months warranty backup. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you with your projects. Book an appointment now to avail of all the services.