Thornado 7Kva 16HP Single Phase Electric Start Petrol Power Generator TRX6800 - EPAIII

More power and less carbon footprint EPA III Engine

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Thornado 6800 Watt Max Petrol Powered Generator 16HP Key Start 

Know The Size Of Generator You Want?

When you desire to buy a generator, we can know the obvious reasons. If the electricity goes off, you would like to stop the industry work as long as you have ensured hiring a quality generator at your workplace. When you reach out to us at Thornado, we have got diesel and petrol generators available for you. First, we probably have to understand the size needed for the same. If you don't know already, we must tell you that generator size is measured in kilovolt-amperes (kVA). Generally, people prefer a 7kVA generator for their place. It would help if you considered a specific length of generators for all sorts of reasons which goes as follows: 

  1. If you properly size the generator, you will manage the capacity overload. Suppose if 7kvA generator suits your needs the best, and you buy it from us. The amount of power to be generated wouldn't go overboard, and it's a crucial point to consider all the time. If the force causes the system to overload, all the changes in the world become defective over some time. 
  2. If your business needs a 7kVA generator and you opt for the one below that size, you will find increased wear and tear on the machinery. Since the power to be generated is more than the actual size of the generator, it can cause rapid wear and tear. 
  3. The lifespan of the generator will be short too. When you buy it from us, you might get it at a discounted price compared to the piece that has gained more power. But you will have to replace it soon and look for an option such as a 7kVA generator that wouldn't last a long while. 
  4. Electrical issues may occur even if your generator does not face much wear and tear. These electrical issues can cause your generator to malfunction and stop working out of nowhere.

You cannot take a risk with the generator and opt for the size that can control all the workload that's going to be involved with it. If you need it for industrial purposes, you have to be double sure regarding the size. 

Merits Of Selecting Thornado

If you choose our services to buy a 7kVA generator, we can help you in multiple ways. 

  • We are a recognised brand. This is not something that we say for the heck of it. We are an Australian owned and controlled firm that supplies machinery products all over Australia. 
  • Our products are incredibly safe and reliable. Don't believe us? You can go through all the international recognition certificates we have gotten over the period. We have obtained certifications such as GS, CE, EMC, EU2, EPA that tells you how buying a 7kVA generator or any other agricultural and outdoor machinery products will prove to be an extremely safe option for you. 
  • We have got a real customer assistant instead of an automated one. We understand how all these machinery products can be challenging to use. If you face any problem with its use, you can contact our customer assistant. 
  • As we have said already, our services are highly safe. If any of our products haven't been able to satisfy you, say a 7kVA generator, you have 30 days to return it to us. We will make sure that all the money is sent back to you as early as possible once you have returned the machinery product. 

Are you interested in buying a 7kVA generator from us? Do you desire to know more about our services? Contact us at (02) 9600 8883 to learn more about us and our services! 

Our new Thornado generator TRX7000 series has been upgraded and pass the EPA III standard. This generator has more power and better fuel efficiency which is ideal for emergency, job-sites, food trucks and outdoor recreations. Our new, larger petrol tank means you can enjoy run times up to 13 hours @ 50% load. This generator is also protected with heavy duty 1 1/4 inch steel full frame roll cage, 6800 starting watts and 6300 running watts to make this unit capable of powering several home essentials during an outage or providing power on the go.

Thornado petrol engine are manufactured with high quality selective parts. Each engine has passed manufacture testing. 100% satisfaction guarantee. 



  • POWERFUL COMMERCIAL LEVEL - 16HP OHV THORNADO petrol engine with low vibration, low CO and NO Emission
  • 100% COPPER WINDING - Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Continuously supplying clean and pure current
  • Oil Alarm - Automatic shut off when oil is below the safe level to prevent engine damage
  • Circuit Breaker - Automatic cut off circuit when overloaded
  • V.F.T. (Volt, Frequency, Time) Meter Display
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) - Stabilizes the output 
  • PRO-DESIGN - Heavy duty 1 1/4 inch steel roll cage frame with wheel kit supplied for easy maneuverability
  • Large 25L Fuel Tank


Model No TRX7000E
Type Single cylinder 4 stroke, Brushless
Voltage Regulator AVR
Output Frequency 50Hz
Rated Votage 230V
Rated Output 6300W / 6.3 kVA 
Max Output 6800W / 6.8 kVA
Power Factor 1
Circuit Breaker Yes
DC Output 12V / 8.3A
Engine Displacement 440cc
Horse Power 16HP
Bore x Stroke 92 x 66
Fuel Type Petrol Unleaded
Fuel Tank Capacity 25L
Oil Type SAE 30 / SAE 10W-30
Oil Capacity 1.1L
Run Time Full Tank 13 hours @ 50% load
Sound rating 76 dB
Product Length 815mm
Product Width 565mm
Product Height 610mm
Product Weight 110kg
Certification EPA III



Model # TRX7000
Shipping Weight 115.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.565m
Shipping Height 0.730m
Shipping Length 0.815m
Shipping Cubic 0.336147000m3
Unit Of Measure Each

The warranty of this product is provided by THORNADO for your sole benefit.


The warranty period commences on the date of original purchase and expires at the end of the applicable period set out below.

  • For personal, domestic or household use – 12 months;
  • For professional, commercial and government use (including use in contracting, forestry, farm forestry, industrial applications, hire and rentals) – 3 months.

As far as law permits, the Warranty Period will not be extended, renewed, or transferable with subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the item. Repaired parts will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period, or for the thirty (30 days) from the date of repair, whichever is longer.


  • The warranty does not apply to, or in any way cover:
  • Cosmetic damage such as the exterior finish that do not affect the functionality of the products;
  • Exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions;
  • Normal wear and tear of anvils, blades, hooks, or other parts and dulling of cutting edges;
  • Any failure arising from abnormal or improper use of the product;
  • Any failure arising from use of the product in a manner contrary to law;
  • Any failure arising from accident, natural disaster, abuse, sabotage, vandalism, misuse, lack of maintenance, contaminated fluids or neglect or failure to operate, store and/or maintain the product in accordance with instructions provided in the Instruction Manual supplied with the product.
  • Any parts or services required for the normal and regular maintenance of the product e.g. lubricants, engine tune-ups etc;
  • Any damage to, or seizure of, the product due to engine tuning different from that set out in the Instruction Manual supplied with the product;
  • Any failure arising from the use of incorrect fuel or fuel and oil mix for the engine or incorrect chain and bar oil for the oil pump, or incorrect lubricating oil in a four stroke engine;
  • Any failure arising from any unauthorised assembly, repair or modification of the product by any person;
  • This warranty does not cover service costs in replacing and maintaining consumable part which have ceased working through normal wear and tear.


Should service become necessary during the warranty period, the purchaser should do at their own expense in the following way:

  1. The purchaser must inform the company as soon as the warranty claim arises and provide a written description of the fault and the receipt number;
  2. The company service department will issue a return merchandise authorization number (RMA number);
  3. The purchaser must send the product back to the company including the original proof of purchase and the RMA number (The company will not accept the return of any item/s without an RMA attached) and your written description of the fault; and
  4. Subject to the applicable consumer laws in your jurisdiction, the purchaser must pay for all packing, freight and insurance cost for transit of the product back to the company. Upon receive the item, the company service department will inspect prior to any resolution being provided. If the warranty claim is accepted, the company will, subject to the applicable consumer laws in your jurisdiction, at its cost:
  5. Repair or replace any faulty parts or rectify any faulty workmanship; and Return the product to the customer.

The Company may not accept the warranty claim in cases where the buyer has contributed to the failure, or been misleading in their description of their issues. Where freight costs were incurred by the company to return your item for inspection, reimbursement to the company may be required prior to releasing the items. The item is also to be returned to the purchaser at the purchaser’s expense. Where item was purchased with free postage, freight costs are to be set at 20% of the item cost. Payment to be made to the company within 14 days of being notified of warranty rejection. Storage fees to apply beyond 14 days at 5% of the original product cost until the credit expires.

Where money is owed to the company for repairs and/or postage, the company is entitled to hold onto the item until payment is made.


Products sold by the company are not intended for use where fail-safe operation is required. As with any electronic or mechanical product such as an automobile, aircraft, computer or consumer good, there is always a small chance of a technical issue that needs to be repaired or may require replacement of the product or a part. If the possibility of such failure and the associated time it takes to rectify could in any situation inconvenience the user, business or employee, or could financially effect the user, business or employee then the product is not suitable for your requirements. This product is not for use where incorrect operation or a failure of any kind, including but not limited to a condition requiring product replacement, service by a technician or replacement of parts could cause a financial loss, loss of employee time or an inconvenience requiring compensation.

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