FLEXIBORE 100 Rising Main Bore Water Layflat Hose

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FLEXIBORE 100 Rising Main Bore Water Layflat Hose - 32mm FLEXIBORE 100 Rising Main Bore Water Layflat Hose - 32mm
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Flexible Rising Main - FLEXIBORE 100

If It Is a Bore Think FLEXIBORE

Bore water is an important source of agricultural, industrial and mining water supply. Bore water retrieval has been a difficult task over the years and has only been simplified with the current hose technology. The revolutionary of flexibore hose ensures simple and effective bore water retrieval, mine de-watering and minicipal water supply.

Flexibore is a flexible riser used for ground water pumping. This hose is constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester. The heavy duty internal fabric gives the hose flexibility whilst sustaining the weight of a submersible pump. The Flexibore hose holds both the pump and water weight so no safety cable is required.

This flexible yet resilient layflat hose is designed to replace rigid riser pipes such as Poly and PVC which are subject to encrustations resulting in reduced flow rates. Poly pipe can be difficult to remove when the pump requires servicing. However is very easy to lift using Flexibore when the pump needs to be retrieved from the bore for servicing. In additional, it does not required safety cable when using Flexibore due to its high tensile strength. 

Flexibore hose is totally corrosion and microbiological damage resistant and will simplify your bore water pumping, 

Flexibore hose is designed for easily transportable and can be installed at a much faster rate than rigid systems and provide multiple advantages to pump retrieval. This hose is proudly made in Australia and back up with 5 years manufacture warranty. 

Fittings are not included with the hoses. Fittings to be purchased separately.  


Flexibore Compatibility

Flexibore will suit many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps. The sizes range from 40mm to 200mm internal diameter and depths up to 250 metres.


Easy Installation

Once in the field, Flexibore is attached to the pump with the patented couplings. The pump, with hose and cables attached, is lowered into the bore using either a simple rolling wheel or a crane. Flexibore is manufactured in continuous lengths and can be installed with less time and labour than rigid systems including poly pipe.

















Flexibore Advantages

Flexibore hose is designed to save both time and money and to ensure the project is completed to a high standard. Our unique Flexibore has a number of benefits to the user. This include:

  • Quick and easy hose installation and retrieval
  • No internal scaling
  • Corrosion and microbiological damage resistance
  • Reduced head losses and imporved flow rates due to swelling under pressure
  • Less labour intensive due to ease of installation
  • Reduced transport cost due to light weight easily handing
  • Custom lenghts made to order
  • Potable water approved: AS 4020
  • Hydrostatically tested
  • Simple maintenance due to iron bacteria resistance
  • Long service life
  • No safety cable required.


Flexibore Applications

  • Mine de-watering
  • Domestic and municipal water supply
  • Test pumping
  • Rural and industrial bore water retrieval
  • Similar ground water projects


Potable Water Approved

Another major benefit of using Flexibore bore hose is that the hose is potable water approved. Extensive tests have been carried out by the Australian Water Quality Centre and have certified AS4020 approval.

SKU LFH-FBO100-032 LFH-FBO100-050
PART NO 4680101 4680102
Nominal Size (inches) 1 1/4 2
Internal Diameter (mm) 32 50
Burst Pressure (bar) 70 46
Max. Recommended Operating Pressure (bar) 28 18
Peak Tensile Load (tonnes) 2.0 3.0
Max. Recommended Tensile Load (tonnes) 0.8 1.2
Weight of Flexibore (kg/m) 0.33 0.48
Outer Diameter of Coupling (mm) 65 90
Well/Bore Casing Requirement (mm) 76 102
BSP Coupling Thread Size (mm) 32 50
Weight of Stainless Steel Coupling (kg) 0.6 1.7
Weight of Water at 10% Swell (kg/m) 1.0 2.4
Max. Flow Rate (litres/sec) 2 6
Water pH 4-9
Max. Swell 10%
Max. Pump Setting 100mm
Max. Extension 1%
Max. Operating Temperature 40_
Safety Factor 2.5:1


Shipping Weight 0.3630kg

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