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What Is A Pipe Flange? 

A pipe flange is a mechanical device used to contain pressure or flow from pipes or pumps. Flanges are usually circular discs but can have many different shapes. Flanges are typically bolted onto pipe sections and are used in conjunction with gaskets to hold pressure. A flange joint is a point at which a pipeline carries pressurised fluid through flanges joints. There are many different types of flanges for many other purposes. Flanges can be made from metal or plastic.

Flanges can be used to seal pipelines and provide structural support for the pipes to which they are bolted. These may be welded into a line, but they are more commonly run on to facilitate easy replacement if needed.

Slip On Flange, Blind Flange & Flange Plate

A slip-on flange is a device placed onto an existing pipe allowing another pipe to go over it. It is also referred to as a slip joint flange or slips on. Slip-on flanges are used in many applications where a pipe needs to be fixed temporarily and then removed easily for maintenance or replacement in the future. They are also used when a line needs to have something added but does not need to be secured permanently.

Blind flanges are pre-slotted, pre-punched or blank flanges. It is an essential component for the pipes used in various industries. These are available in different sizes, shapes, materials and finishes to meet the clients' requirements. The blind flange usually comes with a cover plate and is steel.

A flange plate is a plate of metal used to join two components together. This flange plate is welded to the top of the components and flat. It is used as a base for bolts to join the two pieces of pipes together. Flange plates are used in different ways, including piping and plumbing.

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