Importance of Claw Coupling in Industries

Claw coupling is a universal coupling having claws that are embedded on each face of the coupling. These claws find their application in corresponding notches on the opposite faces. Claw coupling is generally used for air and water transfer applications. It allows efficient hose assembly connection by just pushing two-part together and turning.

Thornado is a leading distributor of the world best-known claw coupling manufacture Alfagomma Minquip. The Minquip range is suitable for heavy-duty applications in air and water transfer.

The claw couplings are divided into the following types:

  • Claw type A – European style (claw distance 42mm)
  • Claw type B – US-style (claw distance 41mm)
  • Claw type S – Australian style (claw distance 45mm)

Benefits of Minquip claw couplings

  • The type-A couplings have been updated with a fully machined toroidal cavity. This cavity design provides improved sealing at both low pressure and high pressure. 
  • The high-quality oil-resistant nitrile toroidal cavity seals are softer allowing for greater ease of coupling. There is no need for special tools to insert replacement seals.
  • The male and female thread lengths for Type-A couplings have been increased to prevent threads bottoming out when tightening
  • The new Minquip claw hose inserts offer an industry-first non-twist design for sizes up to and including 25mm. Minquip hose inserts and interlocking safety clamps prevent coupling rotation during connection.
  • The Minquip claw couplings are made from a high strength carbon steel with a zinc plated finish to ensure longevity. All Minquip claw couplings comply to the pressure requirements of AS2660 and AS/NZ 2554. 

Important Things To Know Before Buying Victaulic Coupling 

Victaulic Coupling is also referred to as mechanical pipe joining systems. These are the components that can join automated pipelines together. It will make sure that a watertight joint is created. We at Thornado can provide you with the best quality of Victaulic coupling. These are some of the things that you need to know about it:

  1. Victaulic Coupling is used to form a groove from it near the ends of two pipes to be joined. 
  2. It can best be described as an alternative to welding, flanging, or threading to join two ends of the pipes together. 
  3. This type of coupling is generally considered to be a more secure seal. As far as mechanical pipes are concerned, you must ensure that the seal is done correctly. 
  4. The couplings have been used ever since 1920. They had a vital role to play to create a safer flame thrower. 
  5. It can be used across various industries, so the usage of this fitting is not restricted only to fire protection. 

Victaulic coupling has some great uses, but you have to make sure that you choose the suitable material for the purpose. We at Thornado are your safest option in entire Australia. We are providing local products that will suit the needs of this country in the best manner possible. The materials used offer the perfect fire protection for many systems.

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